Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nate Games Escape the Room Walkthrough

Ridiculously frustrating. Hard is fun, stupid hard is no good.

To separate an item, click on your bag, then go to the separate tab. Double click item to separate.

On the hammer screen: swipe right to left until the power bar gets to the blue area where the arrow is blinking. When it's in that area, click "break". If you don't have the reflexes for that, keep hitting the hammer til it's past that point and wait for it to go back down.

Room 1:
Keys (in side table with lamp)

1.Separate the keys (click on your bag, go to the Separate tab, double-click the keys).
2.Use the purple one on the door.

Room 2:


Note (on desk)
Knife (in right cabinet in second room)
Hammer (from safe - code is on note and changes with every game)
*Don't worry about the waste paper in the trash can. You can get it and separate it to find a key, but I don't know what the key goes to so don't bother.

Use the knife on the poster in the second room. In that game, move the circle through the path without touching the sides. It's a different path every time you cut the poster. Use the hammer to break the brick. Take the small key.

Use the small key on the box on the lower right corner of the second room. Click again for the baseball game. This is a real hassle.

The code changes every time it starts. So if you fail the first time and try again without closing anything, you have a new code. You have to guess the numbers and put them in the right order. The lights tell you when you have something right. They don't represent the position of the number. For example, if you have two lights on the S row, it doesn't mean the first two numbers are right it just means two of the numbers are right. You have to figure out which two.

The first row of lights (S) stands for correct numbers in the correct spot. Let's say you get two lights and you have:


That means two of those numbers are right. So you decide to change the three, and there are still two lights - GOOD! That means 1 and 7 are in the right place. If you only get one light, that means 3 is one of the right numbers so change it back.

The second row of lights (B) stands for correct numbers in the wrong place. Let's say you have the same numbers again:


Three B lights means you have them in the wrong order, so it might be 173 or 371 or some other combination of those three. What a damn hassle.

Winning that game opens the door.

Room 3:

Water bottle (shelves on upper right)
Hammer (by chairs)
LP Record (under rug)
Capsule (on table - the red one)
Camera (under window)
Lighter (between shelves on lower left and the wood pile by fireplace)
Sodium (in safe - see below)

Separate the camera to get film. Put film in fireplace. Use lighter to light fireplace. Use magnifying glass to read the words above the fireplace. Note the red letters. This is the code to the safe. Get sodium.

Combine sodium and capsule. Combine sodium capsule and water bottle. Put the bottle in the hole under the clock. Once the wall blows, use the hammer to open up the wall and walk through.

Get cheese from glass cabinet (upper right). Use LP record on record player to scare the mouse (in the glass case, lower left) back into the next room. Go back to the first room, use cheese on the small hole to get mouse key. Separate mouse key for key, go back to second room, escape!

Room 4:


Batteries (from metal cabinet in second room)
Remote Control (from safe - see below)

You remember when you used to type 58008 into a calculator and turn it over and it spelled BOOBS? This is kind of like that, but you're spelling LOSE. Upside down, that's 3507.

Combine batteries and remote. Use remote on door to exit. I don't know why you have to get the pliers or the dust cloth, but if you want to go ahead.

Room 5:


Chalk (from spiderweb to the left of the stairs)
Key (from desk)
Screwdriver (from cabinet, use key)
Knife (from box under the computer screen)

You have a lighter and candle in your bag. Combine those and use those around the room until the candle goes out. You're looking for a place where there is wind to blow the candle out, so if the candle is out you've found a part of the floor to break through. Play the game once, then hit the hole again with the hammer and head downstairs.

When you get the screwdriver, use it on the red dot on the box under the computer screen. Get the knife. Combine knife and chalk for some fingerprint dust. Use this on the upper part of the door (where the buttons are). See the numbers covered in chalk? Those are the ones that people press (leaving finger prints) so it's some combination of those numbers. There are 24 combinations, so get clicking! Once you find the code, open the door to escape.

Room 6:

Hammer (shelves on the upper right)
Tape (cabinet in the upper left)
Valve (break glass on left wall with hammer)
Pipe (the smallest one on the right wall)
Put the tape on the blue spot on the window. Hit the taped spot with the hammer, get the electronic card. Use the card on the door.

Get 3L cup (on shelves next to the door) and 5L cup (on table, bottom right). Put the valve on on the nozzle (yellow circle by the table) and fit the pipe on the pipe with water leaking out of it. Fill the 3L cup, combine with 5L cup. Repeat (fill, combine) and now the 3L cup has 1L in it. Dump out the 5L glass ("use" it on the table is fine) and combine the 3L and 5L again. Now the 5L glass has 1L of water. Fill the 3L again, dump it into the 5L, and now the 5L glass has 4L in it. Got all that? Great.

Put the 5L cup in the freezer (upper part of the fridge). Close the door, open the door, and it's ice. Separate the cup and the ice, put the ice on the scale and get the heck out of there.

Room 7:

Poster on right wall
Magnifying glass (under clock on upper left)
Wire (in right most locker

Use the magnifying glass on the door. Oh no it's blocked! Put the poster under the door. Use the wire on the door lock, then grab the poster again. You've got the key, and you're on your way.

I don't know what the magnet is for (table, lower left) but grab it if you're partial to magnets.

Room 8

Ruler under cabinet (middle lower wall)
Key (under metal shelves - use ruler)
Empty note and pencil on table (bottom right)
CD case (bookshelves)
Wall clock
Screwdriver (in toolbox; use key from under metal shelves)
Combine screwdriver and wall clock. Look at all those numbers! Combine the pencil and empty note. Go back to the Use tab and read it. "The key is piece of wall clock"? English teachers everywhere just shivered. Go to the papers on the left wall by the door. So...three short beeps is three, one long one is five...ok, got it. Separate the CD case. Put CD 1 in the computer (box to the right of the keyboard) and listen. How many short and long beeps? I got 3, 7, 11, 2. For those of you not hip to Roman numerals, that's III, VII, XI, and II. So put those in the rectangles on the floor from left to right and hit the red button on the floor. You're free!

Room 9:


Medals box (drawer on bottom right)
Torn tube (bottom shelf on the bottom right)
Tape (cabinet, right wall)
Gift (metal locker)
Soda (desk)
Sharp knife (box on floor)
Air pump (floor, bottom left)
Sunglasses (cabinet on bottom left)
Hammer (in box on bookshelves, left wall)

Separate the sunglasses and put the lens in the contraption by the desk. Specifically, in the hole that's kind of above the plant. See where the laser points? Hit that with the hammer. Oh look, a medal!

Flip through the book on the desk two or three times. There's another medal. Separate the gift to get the teddy bearCombine the knife and the teddy bear. Another medal!

Now look on the left wall between the cabinet and the bookshelves. See that piece of gold? It's the last medal, but you won't be able to reach it. Combine the tape and broken tube. Put the mended tube between the cabinet and the bookshelves. Use the air pump on the tube to separate the furniture, then grab the medal. Combine the medals and the medal box, go to the Use tab and click again to open a puzzle.

The code is 0064. (16 sections x 4 rows) You get the rusty key. Combine it with the soda to get the regular key and try not to dwell on what sort of sick mind came up with this game as you exit the room.

Room 10:


Toothpaste (drawer to the right of the door)
Wire (in plant by window)
Cane (by desk, second room)
Screwdriver (metal cabinet)
Magnet (in hole in wall; use cane)

Combine wire and magnet. Use on fireplace to get rusty iron plate. Use screwdriver on plate above door (first room) to get memory card if you feel like you need it. For this level, you don't. You also don't need the axe above the fireplace or the beeswax in the cabinet in the second room. Combine rusty iron plate and toothpaste to clean the plate and get the code to the safe, where you will find a fire extinguisher. Use it on the fire and exit through the fireplace.

Room 11

Hammer (on floor)
Claw hammer (in drawer, lower right)
Flashlight (desk)
Diary (bookshelves, the left part of the bottom shelf)

Use hammer to smash the face of the statue on the left to get copper wire. Use the claw hammer to grab the nail out of the wall above the purple chair. Separate the flashlight to get batteries. Combine copper wire, batteries, and nail to make a magnet. Drop that mess into the pit in the middle of the floor to get the small key. Use the small key on the little panel on the upper right side to get the red electronic card. Put that card in the red slot by the door. Open the diary to see a note. Santa? Oh, Christmas. Sure, because everybody celebrates Christmas so of course everybody would get this clue and not have to look up when Christmas is...sure. So the code to the safe is 1225. Get the blue electronic card, stick it in the door and shake a leg on to room 12.

Room 12


Sharp knife (cabinet, upper left)
Small key (second cabinet from the left, second room)
Hammer (in pipe, third room)
Cutting machine (in chest, use small key)
Teddy bear (under bed)
Note 1 (trash can)
Note 2 (in teddy bear; use sharp knife)
Note 3 (in glass cabinet above desk in first room; use hammer)
Note 4 (in crate in second room, use hammer)
Note 5 (behind poster in second room; use sharp knife and hammer)
Note 6 (in smaller part of machine in third room; turn wheel by machine to open)

To get to the third room, use the cutting machine to snip the wires on the pipe next to the chest in the second room. Gather up all the notes then pull out your calculator. Oh, but there's something missing, right? What does Z equal? Take your sharp knife and cut that ugly picture by the door in the second room, then use the magnifying glass to get some haps on Z. Plug your final number (4268) into the door and take a deep breath: here comes room 13.

Room 13


Note (bookshelves)
Yellow iron plate (glass case)
Blue iron plate (in box by window)
Green iron plate (in green vase on desk, lower right)
Red iron plate (kind of under the desk in upper by the drawers)
Black iron plate (on couch, between the two white and red pillows)
Lighter (in drawer under phone)

The note isn't very well written. In clue B (yellow and blue are at the end of black), think of it as book ends. I kept trying to start off with black and put blue and yellow at the opposite end. But they actually are just on either side of black. Also, "smallest on the left" means "left" if you're standing in the room look at the wall. Since you aren't, put the plates in the opposite direction (with smallest on the right). Still stumped? Start with yellow closest to the wall cabinet, then go black, blue, green, red, so red is closest to the bottom wall. The cabinet opens and you get a key.

Use the key to open the chest and get an orange-scented note. Combine this with the lighter to get the code for the door. Enter the second room.


Glue (left cabinet on upper left)
Bottles (on shelf on right wall)

Fill 7L, combine with 3L. Dump 3L, combine 7 and 3 again. This gives you 1L in the 7L bottle. Dump this into the 10L bottle and repeat. Now you have 2L in the 10L bottle. Fill the 3L again and put that in the 10L - now you have 5L in the 10L bottle.

Now, take the 3L bottle, fill it and dump it into the 7L bottle 3 times. This gives you 7L in the 7L bottle and 2L in the 3L bottle. Dump the 7L bottle, combine 3L & 7L bottle, then fill the 3L again and dump it into the 7L. Now you have 5L in the 10L bottle and 5L in the 7L bottle. Holy crap that hurt my head.

One bottle on each side of the scale opens the scale's door; take the red book. Put it in the bookshelf on the right wall, where the red books are missing a volume. Oh look! A hole in the wall. Get me out of here!

Third room


Tennis ball (cabinet on right wall) Combine glue and tennis ball. Go back to the second room, put the sticky ball on the air pressure machine nozzle (middle of top wall) and turn the wheel on the machine. This is where things start getting really stupid.

Use the super magnifying glass on the tiny little speck next to the mess you made with the air compressor. Who the hell would think to use the magnifying glass there? That's a great example of why this game is more obnoxious than fun - who thinks to look at a speck that you don't even notice until someone tells you there's a speck there? Whatever. It's a diamond. Go back to the third room and use it on the glass.

Then you're done. Where's the mad scientist? What, no "good job" at the end? Whatever. Why expect a payoff in a game that's meant to make you angry instead of entertained? I'm so sick of this game that I'm not even going to go back over this walk through and check for grammar, spelling, and layout errors. Suck it, Nate Games. Enjoy my $3. Jerks.


Anonymous said...

hahaha i hated that game! but i couldnt just delete it off of my games without beating it. plus i downloaded it from installous. suck it nate games!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Free game Nate games! Losers.

Anonymous said...

Lol installous as well lol but really an idiot game
Suck it nate :p

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I wish id seen your blog comment sooner!!! It took my husband and I both to figure out the hammer mini game. You've helped with more than you realize! Lol