Sunday, December 30, 2007

It's Christmastime! There's no need to be afraid?

Random things I found the day after Christmas while trolling a mall in Maryland. Before you judge me, you should know that there's nothing really to do in Maryland but troll malls and drink. Fact.

Singing pigs. Much creepier in person, but here's the gist of it:

I don't know what the manufacturer was thinking with this monkey:

But I know that the folks in charge of making this turtle dance to "Mister Roboto" were thinking "awesome":

Fat babies! Come get your fat babies! They're gonna grow up just like you, fat and angry and stupid!

Why, you might ask? Well, here's a thought:

My sister took me to some huge grocery store to, apparently, agree with her that it was a huge grocery store. They had truffles there at the bargain price of $999.99 per pound. No, I'm not kidding:

And last but not least, some miscellany:

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Cris Melo, Melo Earth said...

Hilarious post! I found it while Googling for "things to do in MD". You are kind of right; I live here and get stumped each time a visitor comes and I need to arrange something to do. I always end up in some restaurant, by the water, drinking and eating, which is not too shabby, BTW. Though it's hard to find food that's acceptable to my refined taste buds. :P