Saturday, June 2, 2007


I went to the forest preserve on River Road near Ivanhoe (between Belmont and Irving Park Road) with my neighbor Dave to go looking for cicadas. On Friday I happened to be driving by this area and heard the cicadas give a mighty roar as I cursed the traffic and my car's recent stalling habit.

Besides the cicadas (which were very cool), we found a small creek coming off the Des Plaines river, into which some beavers had built a dam, which involved a traffic cone. I climbed down to get a better shot and lost my footing on the muddy bank, went in up to my calves. But it was fun! I'd forgotten how much I miss the woods and creeks and the things that creep and crawl in the wild.

The shots of the trees, etc, aren't very inspired, but the shots I really wanted were hard to get at. It's fine to slip into a little creek for a shot of a dam, but slipping into the Des Plaines for a shot of a fallen tree seemed a bit much.

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The dam:

Favorite shot:


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barryweber said...

I'm fascinated by your various cicada postings because we won't hear or see them at all here in Texas until the first weeks in July. I love the cicada chorus, too. I've even written poems about them but I can't find a single one at the moment. I'll keep looking. You keep writing..