Monday, April 30, 2007

Holy crap

I've just done some basic math here, and it has come to my attention that I am spending $292 a month on cigarettes. Cigarettes! You know, with the cancer and the emphysema and the stinky clothes.

All that, and I'm paying these fuckers for the privilege! I know I've been paying them all along, but it didn't occur to me how much I was paying. $292! That's a car payment on a decent car! That's money I can sock away for a REAL vacation! What the hell?!

So, I fucking quit. Again. If any of you have any good quitting tips, let me know because fuck all, I can't afford this shit. No wonder I'm broke all the time! Fuck!


Stacey said...

My tip for quitting smoking is simple. Don't light up any more cigarettes.


Pigasus said...

Move to Indiana. State legislature just approved a 44% increase in cigarette tax to fun a health plan for the poor. Works out to roughly $0.13 a pack.

Anonymous said...

Ex-chain smoker. I quit 10yrs ago.

I had to use Zyban.

I'm too cheap to start up again. I can't believe how expensive ciggys have gotten. Damn.