Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sappy love poem

The day ticks slowly by with no word from you,
and the minutes slither across my desk like so many ants marching uphill.
You are somewhere, dreaming of adventure and glory days gone by,
and I'm sure you're not dreaming of me but I can have dreams of my own.

The air outside is well below zero, and
the space you've left in my heart is even colder.
I gleefully await the day we meet, the day I can
trace my fingers over every lovely crevice, the day we're finally
together as we always were meant to be.
I'll hold that hope and dream this dream,
and until that day I'll keep your picture
right here,
my love,
so you'll know that you've found me and
know that you're home.

Hurry, dear - adventure awaits!

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