Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We wouldn't have it any other way

It started snowing sometime on New Year's Eve, probably in the afternoon. It kept snowing all night and on into dawn. I was going to walk home from my friend's house and get some nice shots, but I was offered a ride. These are what I got before I got in the car:

More here, and more to come. It's 12 degrees outside right now. Fuck photography on a day like this.


Brenda said...

love that glow-y turquoise aura..OOoo!

John Sadowski said...

hehe, i was out that night with my kids too, taking pictures. the sky was such a cool icky color. i thought i was taking some really amazing pics, but when i got home and uploaded, i found out they all sucked :(

well... this one turned out pretty cool but only after i dicked around with it in photoshop. i think all the snow was messing up the autofocus.