Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fuck you, Community College

Dear my fucking school,

Look, I understand that you're just a crappy community college and nobody expects much of you, your students, or your faculty. But if you could maybe train your fucking faculty and staff to quit losing my goddamn homework that would be hell of awesome.

Let's start with my chemistry labs - worth 120 points - that were slipped under the door of the science department office but never made it to my professor's desk. 120 fucking points. I'm likely going to have to pay $200 to take the course over because it's a lab credit course and no grade can be given without the labs.

Today I got an email from my history professor. She never got my final exam, which I took way the hell back on the 12th. I handed it in at the little computer lab area where you go to take tests for online classes, but she never got it. How goddam fucking hard is it to hand some fucking papers over to the people to whom they belong?

Fuck you, crappy community college. One more year of your bullshit and then I'm gone, left only with my nearly worthless diploma and $10,000 in debt, and the lesson learned that I should always make copies of everything I ever hand in, ever, because somewhere along the line there's some fuckwit who doesn't know how to put a goddam paper in a file or on a desk.



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